type definition:

type TermStr = Term<PString> & {

    readonly utf8Encoded: TermBS
    readonly concatTerm:    TermFn<[ PString ], PString>
    readonly concat:        ( other: Term<PString> ) => TermStr

    readonly eqTerm:    TermFn<[ PString ], PBool >
    readonly eq:        ( other: Term<PString> ) => TermBool


returns TermStr

equivalent expression:

pencodeUtf8.$( term )


parameter: other type: Term<PString>

returns: TermStr

equivalent expression:

pappendStr.$( term ).$( other )

returns the result of concatenating the term on which the method is defined on and the other argument,


parameter: other type: Term<PString>

returns: TermBool

equivalent expression:

peqStr.$( term ).$( other )

string equality